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Getting & Giving

We have an innate drive to ‘get’ in life and it starts very early. We see what others have and want an experience of that because it seems to generate good feelings. It starts with toys and scooters and progresses to cars and houses.  This becomes a default pattern all our life and the true …

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Pain versus Suffering, Part 2

So, my ribs are broken in five places, one spinous process is chipped and my collarbone is broken in 7 places.  Good job! In my prior post I was discussing the difference between pain and suffering.  There have been some moments of pain. More my ribs than my collarbone. Sneezing and coughing are pretty intense …

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Pain and Suffering or Gratitude? Pt 1

Our relationship to physical pain like all things in life is varied. Studies indicate that our level of pain does not necessarily correlate with the physiological happenings in our body. Or to put it another way, two people of similar age, sex, health and weight can experience the same accident and report their pain levels to …

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Choosing Your Words

Have you heard about Jane? She is so lazy / pathetic / uptight / screwed up / selfish / neurotic / mean / bitchy / picky / stupid / arrogant / vain / deceitful / useless / lost / disorganised / shallow / tarty / disrespectful / power hungry / back stabbing / clumsy / …

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Stress and Food

I often see clients who describe their lives as stressful and I note the strong correlations between stress and behaviours with food. We can use food as a tool to distract ourselves from stress and push down uncomfortable feelings. Lets see if you resonate with the following example. You are experiencing stress in the workplace.  …

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