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I developed a back problem in 2006 which became quite bad by December 2007. It reached a point where I was unable to walk, sit, stand or lie down comfortably. I developed sciatica in my right leg, and I could not bend down to put pants, shoes or socks on. I was unable to straighten out my right leg and I was walking with my right leg bent at the knee.

I visited my GP who prescribed pain killers and organised X-rays, CT scans and MRI scans. I was diagnosed with a Disc protrusion in my back and given an appointment at the Austen Hospital for a back operation for August 2008. I tried remedial massage, Osteopathy, heat packs –none of which provided much relief or stopped the pain. One of my main concerns was taking so many pain killers. I was desperate to find something that would help enough so that I could stop taking them.

I visited Pam in March 2008 for some Reflexology sessions. After my second session I stopped taking the pain killers all together and although some pain was still there, it was definitely feeling a lot better. My right leg began to get its flexibility back and I was able to start straightening it out slowly. There was a noticeable decrease in the pain at each session as I went along and after 6 sessions I feel like a different person! I am walking properly once again, able to sit, bend, stand and exercise with no problems. I am amazed at what Reflexology and Pam have done for me and I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.
J. Fraser

I have been having reflexology treatments for a number of years as I find it very beneficial. I find it very relaxing – I could spend all day having reflexology on my feet! When I have particular aches and pains, such as backache, it helps to relax my muscles and assist the healing process. It is also helpful when I am experiencing asthma problems. I believe it helps my circulation and is also effective for promoting and maintaining good health.
R. Nugent

I initially sought reflexology treatment from Pam after breaking my right knee when I slipped on a concrete path in the rain; it was extremely swollen and painful and I could barely walk. During my series of weekly treatments, I noticed a dramatic ongoing improvement in both the flexibility of the joint and the reduction of pain…my knee has healed much faster than I would ever have expected! A very welcome side benefit of these sessions was that Pam also focused on treating my reproductive system and glands, with the result that I’ve also experienced a huge reduction in menopausal symptoms. Having been in the grip of menopause for over 7 years, and with no lessening of symptoms during that time despite correcting my diet and taking herbal remedies, I can vouch for the effectiveness of the reflexology treatments; my symptoms are a quarter of what they were, in frequency and intensity.

I happily recommend Pam to anyone with health issues, as she is highly professional, very understanding and sensitive in her practice, and tremendously dedicated to her profession.
Joy Stoneman, Geelong

I found Pam Allen last year and continue to visit Pam for the most rewarding experience. It is relaxing, it is nurturing for your body and soul. A wonderful, peaceful experience.
Joan E., Belmont

Indian Head Massage

I discovered the benefits of Indian Head Massages when I was trying to juggle working night shift and studying part time at University. Attempting to manage the two led to poor sleep and high stress levels. On the day of my first treatment I did not know what to expect, but my therapist Pam put me at ease immediately, explaining the origin and attributes of Indian Head Massage.

The treatment was extremely relaxing and after the first session I slept like I haven’t slept in weeks. After my second session my sleep pattern had improved and I felt calmer, more relaxed and able to cope with both the demands of University and night shift. I would highly recommend Indian Head Massage to anyone.
Justin (Geelong)

After suffering constant migraine headaches for most of my life, I was urged by a family friend to try a visit to Pam Allen’s Reflexology sessions in Belmont. Prior to this I had tried just about every traditional medicine and natural therapy service known to man without any significant sign of help. I had reached the stage where I was just about living on pain-killers.

After some brief discussion with Pam, I was advised that Indian Head Massage would probably be more suited to my problems. After what I had been through for most of my life, I was prepared to try any treatment (including head removal if necessary) Even after one visit, I found my migraines decreasing in frequency and severity to the extent that I now, after 5 or 6 visits, only have to resort to the ‘pill bottle’ when I neglect my dietary habits. This is in complete contrast to my former habit of living on pain tablets. I now find that, on the rare occasion that my migraine symptoms appear, somehow or other ‘nature’ takes over and wards off the approaching pain.

Whilst I don’t understand all this process, I am firmly convinced that Pam’s treatment, along with her water drinking advice, has transformed my life. I now not only have the relief from the migraine problem, but feel so much better with my general physical and mental health. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pam’s Indian Head Massage and Reflexology Therapies to anyone with health deficiencies or a desire to improve their general wellbeing.
Dudley Holroyd


After smoking for more than 20 years I have decided it was time to quit.  I have not chosen to quit to save money but instead to improve my quality of life.  I was referred onto Pam Allen via my chiropractor and am glad to have received the referral.  Pam was very professional and helpful throughout the entire experience, guiding me gently through the process.Thanks to Pam Allen I have remained smoke free for 4 months now and don’t envisage smoking ever again.  Thank you.
Laurie Alford.

After going to see Pam to stop smoking, I have found it easy not to smoke, I sometimes get a thought, urge to smoke, but I dismiss it straight away.  It has been 4 months now and I have more energy, can breathe clearer and easier.  I gave up smoking for health reasons, I can’t believe how Pam has made being smoke free so easy to do.  My Dad passed away 3 weeks ago and this didn’t even make me smoke again.  Thank you Pam
Shirlene Alford


I have just finished my session with Pam and WOW! It was truly amazing. Pam taught me to sit with my emotions and really FEEL THEM, little did I know how healing that can be. Pam helped me move from a cold dark place into a light, releasing, clear minded accepting happy place. Pam you’re amazing and I could not have done it without you.   Thankyou, Cheryl

Pam is a gentle, nurturing soul who really listens and allows space for your inner wisdom to rise to the surface. I came to see her because I was feeling stuck, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am so glad I did! Her treatment space is warm, welcoming and calm. Through her gentle guidance and support I was able to release old emotions and beliefs that had been the reason for my stagnation. What a life changing experience! I heard my inner voice. Through Pam, I found the permission I was seeking from myself to move forward to a life I love living. I am so grateful to Pam and so pleased that she is out there for others that need some guidance. She is a beautiful person with a very kind and loving heart.       C.W

Dear Pam, I’m just wanting too thank you  for our  sessions that we had. I came too you feeling extremely anxious and felt as though I was struggling in day too day life. I started noticing a difference within myself after our second session. You helped me address issues in my life that I thought I could never move forward with. As each week went by, doing the work I felt a lot more relaxed, confident and proud of myself, feeling all of this also had a flow in effect on my sleep, relationships as well as my family. I’m so happy that I took the plunge too come and see you. I have tried numerous things over the last 3 year ( therapy, massage, yoga, nutrition, reiki, given up caffeine and alcohol) I felt like these things have helped short term but not in the way you did. I feel like the sessions have been long lasting and I would highly recommend you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart      Regards Simone x


Attending Pam’s meditation classes have been one of the best decisions I have made.  For a number of years I suffered from chronic anxiety and panic attacks due to a situation I felt trapped in.  I came to a point where my physical health had so deteriorated from the anxiety that I had no choice but to make some courageous changes in my life.  I have been on quite a journey since then.  I met Pam through a recommendation about a year ago.  Through Pam’s classes I have come to understand more about mindfulness and the benefits of meditation realising how necessary meditation is for our health and wellbeing.  I am hooked! Through these classes I have learnt to find a ‘stillness’ within. I have learnt how to meditate so that I can grow in understanding on aspects of our lives, our relationships both personally and professionally and how to remain calm through the many situations that arise daily.  I suppose the best thing of all is to learn how to love oneself and enjoy a feeling of peace and fulfilment through mindfulness.

Pam’s classes bring something different every session.  I enjoy the variety of topics she prepares. There is an energy in the room as Pam inspires us to continue on our search to reach the higher levels of consciousness.



This is the first time for me joining a meditation class, although very nervous I was made to feel welcome and at ease. I have found it very relaxing and informative regards feelings and ideas, encouraged to think about how we feel and react to events happening in our lives and encouraged to meditate during our working day. How to handle negative thoughts has been a positive for me.  Irene


Meditation classes with Pam, are helping me with my health and life issues. B.M.

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