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Ear Candling

What is it?
Ear Candling is a process whereby earwax and toxins are removed from the ear. An ear candle is a long hollow tube made out of calico, beeswax and hypericum. One end of the candle is lit with a match and when the smoke draws at the other end, the smoking end is placed inside a small cone and inserted into the opening of the ear canal. The spiraling smoke of the candle creates a vacuum in the ear and wax and toxins are drawn up into the candle via osmosis. The treatment is very gentle and soothing.

earcandlingHow can Ear Candling help me? 
The treatment can be very beneficial for you if you have recurrent ear infections, tinnitus, swimmer’s ear, sinusitis, hay fever, some types of headaches, or regularly have blocked ears. It is also valuable pre-flight for people who experience ear pain on aeroplanes. If you work in an environment with floating particles in the air that can get inside the ear, (eg. builders, plasterers, bakers, animal groomers, hairdressers, etc) you may also benefit.

If you are looking for general detoxification processes as part of a cleansing program, this will also be beneficial. Pam recommends that if your ears get blocked regularly (or if you have recurrent infections) that you have your ears candled 6 monthly or annually.

Ear candling cannot be performed if you have a current ear infection, burst ear drums or grommets. Some other cautions apply.

What happens during a treatment?
Prior to the candling you will receive a 15-minute massage, targeting specific areas of the face, head and neck to relax and loosen the wax and toxins. Then you will be placed on your side for the first candle to be put in your ear. Ear candles burn for about 17 minutes but times may vary from person to person, and sometimes each ear may be quite different; results vary a great deal. It may take two sessions for the wax and toxins to be released if there is a large build-up, but generally there is a good result at the time of the first treatment.

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