Pam Allen

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage


Pam’s classes have a strong focus on mindfulness. This means that throughout the different activities you will be encouraged to stay focused on the present moment and gently observe your thoughts and feelings. This is a deeply regenerative and healing practice. The evening is a mix of simple meditations, reflections on topics discussed, spiritual enquiry and personal development.

Beginners are welcome (You won’t be required to sit on the floor.)

How meditation may help me

  • assist to find my place of inner calm and operate from that place daily
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • explore my inner (or spiritual self) with more clarity
  • learn to live in love and joy
  • understand different parts of my personality
  • reveal my natural gifts
  • develop my intuitive capabilities
  • learn to be more self-empowered
  • take responsibility for all my thoughts, words and deeds
  • learn more effective means of communication
  • manifest my ideal life
  • become and inspirational example for others

What sort of things will we do at the class

Generally we start with a warm up activity to let go of the day and our busy minds. Then we may explore a theme like love, grief, joy, courage, anger and how these feelings are experienced and expressed in our lives. This may involve discussion and/ or meditations.


6.30 – 7.45 on a Thursday night during school term. All are welcome. Just text Pam on 0417 357 030 to confirm your initial attendance.




44 Highmont Dve, Belmont. The studio.

What to bring

A rug. Willingness to explore your life and the bigger questions about the nature of life.

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