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Reflexology and Indian Head Massage

Soul psychotherapy & counselling

Anxiety, stress, weight issues, bullying, relationship difficulties, grief, death and dying, eating disorders, addictions, anger management, health problems, self esteem and many other challenging life issues can be addressed.

Find assistance to:

  • empower yourself in challenging situations (move from feelings of blame and victim to empowerment and acceptance)
  • learn new life skills to improve your communication
  • find peace within yourself
  • connect more deeply with your true life purpose

How can Soul Focused Psychotherapy / Counselling help me?

SFP assists you to be less reactive when a challenging situation arises and be more responsive. What this essentially means is that instead of behaving from a predictable pattern of behaviour that may be causing you problems you have more awareness of yourself when challenges arise in life. You have an opportunity to learn to be more empowered in situations and have a choice in how you behave. Often you will be completely unaware that you HAVE limiting patterns of behaviour prior to having a session. Finding these behaviours can be a relief and open the door to a new way of living and relating with others.

Flow on effects from this therapy may include a more relaxed and appreciative view of life. Instead of chewing over hurts and limiting beliefs, energy can be directed into enjoying life and seeing it as a sea of potential opportunities and new experiences. (Challenges to help you grow as a person, rather than negative experiences that hurt you.) You may feel an increase in energy as a result of a shift in perspective from negative to positive.

(Some of the techniques employed include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative and Gestalt Therapy and Person Centred Therapy.)

What happens during a Session?

The session begins with the reason for your visit and what you are aiming to achieve. You are able to talk about your concerns in a free flowing, non-judgemental space for as long as you need. When you are ready Pam will guide you towards accessing the subconscious mind and help you to examine your current situation in more detail. This is done by closing the eyes, slowing down the talking and allowing yourself to enter a relaxed state. This enables you to access the subconscious mind and find your deepest core beliefs about yourself and your perceptions of the world.

What is Soul Focused Psychotherapy?

Soul Focused Psychotherapy is a deep form of Counselling. Whereas Counselling is largely based on talking throughout a session about a situation at a surface, conscious level, SFP utilizes the subconscious mind to access your deepest inner belief systems and subsequent programs of behaviour. Accessing the subconscious gives you greater understanding of yourself and why you may react to situations in particular ways. It can provide clarity about your situation that is not possible with other forms of counseling. The end result is that this can enable you to practice new empowering behaviours in the place of old ones and challenge belief systems that may not serve you any longer. This may result in a freer more liberated version of yourself.

Soul Psychotherapy recognizes that we are in essence spiritual beings. It does not promote a particular religion or doctrine. SFP encourages you to live your optimal life and find joy and purpose in whatever you do.

Transformative Power

This therapy can also used as a transformative personal growth tool. Think about your dream version of yourself? Do you even know what that is? Are you close to living this version of yourself? Who would you be? What needs to shift for you to live this version of yourself? Would you be doing a different job? How would your relationships with you partner, children, parents and friends feel, compared to now? How would you feel about life? Would you embark upon new adventures in life? Soul Psychotherapy gives you a greater knowledge of yourself and the tools to approach your ideal self. It can dramatically enhance your capacity to elevate your level of consciousness. Do you have the courage to embark on the journey of self discovery and personal power, to be your best?

Are you living your life to its fullest potential? Call Pam to start the process today.

Treatment costs

Soul Psychotherapy / Counselling: 1 hour – $100

Qualifications and professional memberships

Diploma of Counselling – Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy – College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy
Reflexology Diploma
Certified Hypnotherapist (with American Board of Hypnotherapy)
Reiki Master
Diploma in Meditation and Mindfulness
Grad Dip. Ed., Bach. of Arts.

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