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Getting & Giving

We have an innate drive to ‘get’ in life and it starts very early. We see what others have and want an experience of that because it seems to generate good feelings. It starts with toys and scooters and progresses to cars and houses.  This becomes a default pattern all our life and the true …

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Ying and Yang – Male and Female

In spiritual circles there is a belief that within us all, there exists both male and female energies.  Obviously our physicality comprises one or the other but at our essence we are a mix of the two.  Our inner male is the DOER.  Our inner female is our BEINGNESS.  Our inner male goes out and …

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What is the root of anxiety?

Stress and anxiety are the effects of a negative belief.  They are not the problem in and of itself. Let me give you an example. Imagine that some-one goes through life with a belief that they are stupid.  This is not reflected in their level of education, their results at school or their capacity to …

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