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Reflexology and Indian Head Massage


What is it? reflexology2Reflexology is a simple, safe and effective form of holistic healing. It is based on the principle that your organs and body parts are represented by reflex points on your hands and feet. By stimulating these points there is a direct effect on your organs or body parts. It is as though there is a ‘map of the body’ on your feet and hands.
How can Reflexology help me? Reflexology helps your body’s innate ability to heal and may aid numerous physical ailments. Pam provides therapeutic sessions for people with; diabetes, sleep problems, stress, Meniere’s, depression, back problems, eyesight difficulties, menstrual and prostate problems, irritable bowel, asthma and many more health issues. Stress is cited as a major factor in 70% of disease states; Reflexology provides an opportunity to experience a deep feeling of relaxation and well being, helping to alleviate anxiety and stress and combat ill health.
What happens during a treatment? Following an initial consultation, your treatment can consist of the following elements: a foot bath, and a reflexology massage of the hands and feet. Sink your feet into a bowl of warm water, infused with fragrant essential oils. Feel your whole being start to relax as Pam massages your feet for 5 blissful minutes. Your feet are then thoroughly dried in a thick fluffy towel. Ease into the comfort of a reclining chair and allow your body and mind to totally relax as your feet and hands are massaged using different techniques which provide a variety of soothing and/or stimulating sensations. Pam works all the reflex points (reflexes) in your feet and then gives additional attention to any reflexes associated with particular ailments (eg. for Asthma the Chest/Lung reflex is given extra attention). She gently works to disperse any ‘congestion’ found in your reflexes. Pam may also teach you to massage specific reflex points on your hands at the session’s end. This enables you to further aid the process of healing after the treatment.

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Qualifications and professional memberships

Reflexology Diploma
Certified Hypnotherapist (with American Board of Hypnotherapy)
Diploma of Counselling – Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy – College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy
Reiki Master
Diploma in Meditation and Mindfulness
Grad Dip. Ed., Bach. of Arts.

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