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Reflexology and Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

What is it?
headmessage1Head Massage has been practised in India for over 1,000 years. It is a seated massage which utilizes techniques to stretch and massage the skin on the shoulders, neck, face and head/hair. It is a form of Ayuvedic healing which seeks to promote and maintain good health. Pam’s clients describe it as an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience.

How can Indian Head Massage help me?
Some of the benefits of Indian Head Massage may include:

  • Reducing tension in shoulder and neck muscles
  • Reduction or elimination of recurrence of migraines and headaches
  • Relief from sinus pain
  • Promotion of healthy hair growth and increased texture
  • Stress reduction and deep relaxation
  • Lymphatic drainage in the face

headmassage2What happens during a treatment?
You will be seated comfortably while Pam massages your shoulders, neck, face and head/hair, using over 80 different techniques which loosen and relax the body. The session takes one hour to complete.

Feel the tension ease as Pam rolls and stretches the skin on your shoulders and they drop and relax. As she moves to your neck muscles, you feel the deep, rhythmic flow of the treatment and move in synchronization. Your face is gently massaged in small circular motions; you have drifted off into another state. Your head is now massaged in a combination of vigorous and enlivening, then gentle and soothing, movements. All tension has now slipped away.

Acupressure points are also massaged during the treatment, which adds to the healing benefits. You can elect to have the massage performed with or without essential oils in your hair. The oils can aid the health and vitality of your hair and the aroma may further promote your state of deep relaxation.

One of the most relaxing experiences I have had. Pam has the ability to relieve the stress and tensions of everyday living. I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep.
Anne McDonald


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