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Reflexology and Indian Head Massage


2019 Indian Head Massage workshops

Weekend workshops for Family and friends and Practitioners

  • March 2 & 3
  • May 18 & 19
  • June 22 & 23
  • Investment: $260 per workshop
  • Times: 10 – 4.30
  • Location: Belmont

Family and Friends Workshop

Would you like to be able to provide a relaxing massage for a family member, friend or loved one but lack the confidence or skills to have a go? Would you like to learn more about why some massages feel OK and some feel fantastic? Learn about the energy of touch. Bring a friend or family member with you and share the experience!

You will learn:

  • 50 massage techniques (photos and text are provided to help you remember them)
  • How to create the perfect environment for a massage
  • How to use oils to enhance relaxation and help with the health of hair
  • To recognise contraindications for massaging (i.e. when to exercise caution or avoid massage)
  • To massage intuitively

This massage is a wonderful gift to learn because you can practice it anywhere, at any time. The recipient is seated and can be fully clothed.

The people of India have used this massage as part of Ayurvedic healing for over 1,000 years. It is used to promote and maintain your general wellness in a number of positive ways:

  • Reduce stress and increase relaxation
  • Reduce tension in the shoulders and neck
  • Find relief from sinus pain
  • Reduce or eliminate headaches, migraines and eye strain
  • Encourage healthy hair growth and texture
  • Aid lymphatic drainage in the face

Pam can also train you to Practitioner level.

Indian Head Massage workshop for practitioners

The second workshop is for those adding to their current massage modalities or people moving towards a new career in massage. Indian Head Massage requires little initial investment to start and it is highly transportable. All that is required is your hands and a chair! Clients absolutely love it!

In the second weekend workshop you will learn:

  • Twenty-five further massage techniques
  • Advanced use of essential oils
  • Ayurvedic medicine
  • Ananomy
  • Composition of hair
  • Pathologies of the skin and body
  • Referrals
  • Stress and its effects on the body
  • Energy dynamics of massage

I thoroughly enjoyed Pam’s Indian Head Massage Workshop. Pam’s teaching style was interesting and easy to follow. There were so many different techniques and Pam ensured we were on top of each technique before moving on. The course had a lovely flow to it and I would highly recommend this course to all.
Denise Michael

I was very fortunate to be a student of Pam’s Indian head Massage classes, you don’t realise how fortunate you are until the end of the day. Not only are you learning these amazing techniques to send someone to their deep blissful state, you too get to experience your own  state of bliss, oh and I mean bliss. I thoroughly enjoyed the loving calming atmosphere of the class. It is a wonderful experience. Thank you for such a really beautiful and fun day.

Justine L. x

My experience at Pam’s recent IHM course was quite incredible. Not only did I learn a vast array of fascinating hand strokes to improve my skills as a masseur, but I got to directly experience the feeling and benefits of IHM personally. I left the workshop feeling deeply nourished and very relaxed! The passion Pam has for practicing and teaching this modality flows through the very well prepared teaching style. Pam made the learning of a lot of information and techniques, seem simple and fun. I was deeply inspired by her passion and can still feel it flowing through me. The course notes are easy to follow and have been a useful reference for me since. Thank you for sharing your uniqueness through teaching.

Jo Solomon

I loved the Indian Head massage course. Pam was an excellent trainer and I learnt 50 techniques easily. The weekend was nicely paced and very relaxed and enjoyable.

Katy Brown (Reflexologist)


Students cancelling their place in a workshop may do so up to 1 week prior to the commencement of the workshop and receive a full refund. They may alternatively elect to transfer their payment towards a future advertised workshop. Cancellations less than 1 week from the workshop will result in $50 being withheld to help cover venue hire costs and overheads.

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